Third auditor
Within the scope of this service we offer the following activities

  • We helps in every step of the process, finding the right partner or client and following up on production of  product/service to ensure that they meet the requirements in terms of time and quality as agreed 
  • We shall review any items of deviation, non-conformity, non-compliance, or deficiency found in PRODUCER’s products  and production processes. 
  • Findings of deviation shall be documented in writing on each product, the documentation shall include problem  description, short term & long term solution + action (s). 
  • We will give action to eliminate the causes of an existing non-conformity, defect, or other undesirable situation in order to  prevent recurrence. 
  • Corrective measures shall be implemented immediately and documented (also pictures if necessary)

The below pictures show You our activities related to third auditor' service undertaken by SPI' 

Checking quality of Carrierbow before shipment to Norway for HVPlast

Checking quality of teapots at Hoang Long ceramics before shipment to Japan