Project 104 Vietnam.40-273/ Esoft - Vietnam Graphics  
Last updated: 12/23/2017
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The project has been assisted by SPI during match-making & study visit period. It has now formed a JVC in Vietnam and becoming one of the typical success models funded by DANIDA

The project idea is to establish a production platform in Vietnam similar to that of Esoft with a digital workflow for processing of graphical data and with capacity to access and edit graphical data available at the Esoft production platform in Denmark, and hence gain a competitive advantage from efficient and quick processing and delivery by taking advantage of the time difference between the normal working hours in Vietnam and in Denmark.

Esoft has developed a unique sales and marketing tool which is tailor made to meet the specific requirements of the real estate agencies and which is simple to operate for the real estate agencies as well as for the potential customers interested in buying and selling real estate.

The advanced Esoft sales and marketing concept offers a wide range of services to the real estate agencies which among others include:
  • 360 gr photo for inside and outside presentation of real estate
  • 2-D and 3-D panorama display of houses and apartments
  • Plan drawing of the houses and apartments
  • Environment photo presentations
  • Description of the real estate
  • Proposed financing
  • Search and selection tool for advertised real estate
  • Design tool for adverts for direct transfer to newspapers etc.