Project 104.VIE.40/ JulieSandlau - Huy Thanh Jewellery  
Last updated: 12/23/2017
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With the assistance of SPI, Huy Thanh Jewellery enterprise has a partnership with JulieSandlau A/S in exploring international markets in Jewelerly fashion and enhancing the management and production capability

Julie Sandlau ApS was founded in 2002 by former model Julie Sandlau and her husband Dennis Jacobsen. First product was a series of hoop style earrings, which instantly became a success on the Danish market. Since the establishment, the company has expanded internationally under the brand "Julie Sandlau", and has become a leading provider of high-end fashion jewellery.

"We want to establish Julie Sandlau as a luxury brand within the consumers mind. We want to provide the consumers with a luxurious experience, which they can afford".

Huy Thành Enterprise was established in 1993 by Mr Huy in Hanoi under the form of private enterprise with the license no 008867 of DPI. The company focuses on production and sales of fashion jewellery made in sterling gold, white gold, sterling silver and precious and semi-precious stones.

In 2003 the company became a member of Vietnam Jewellery & Stones Association. Mr. Huy is currently acting as member of the board management of this association.

The company has been awarded many gold medals by Vietnam Jewellery & Stones Association. The products have been presented at the Vietnam fashion art craft and jewellery fair in 2003 and 2004.

Project idea

The project idea can be divided into two phases. The objective of phase 1 is to establish a Joint Venture producing high quality fashion jewellery for Julie Sandlau and if available capacity also for other customers provided by Julie Sandlau and Huy Thành. However, focus will be on production of Julie Sandlau products.

Julie Sandlau will contribute raw materials (semi-precious stones) and know-how enabling the Joint Venture to produce high-quality fashion jewellery. The transfer of know-how will focus on design, new machinery and production technologies, production planning, stock management, quality assurance, safety and working environment. Huy Thành will contribute human resources and local knowledge. The partners will in co-operation make the necessary investments to implement the project idea.

In the initial phase of the project, the co-operation will be based on a sub-supplier agreement, because it takes time to establish a Joint Venture in Vietnam. However, the objective is to establish the Joint Venture as quickly as possible.  The partners have agreed on an ownership distribution of 51% of the shares to Julie Sandlau and 49% to Huy Thành.

If phase 1 is implemented successfully, the partners will set up production of semi-precious stones in order to secure supply of raw materials.

Project expectation

Huy Thanh is interested in pursuing this project, because it provides another source of income within a related business, where the company already is very competent. However, the company does not make jewellery in silver, which is a competence Huy Thành would like to acquire. Furthermore, the implementation of the project will give the company access to new technology and inspiration to upgrading the working environment on his own plant based on experiences from the Joint Venture. Finally a key driver for Huy Thành's involvement in the project is the possibility to learn from Julie Sandlau’s international success. Through the Joint Venture Huy Thành hopes to get access to the international sales and marketing experience gathered by Julie Sandlau.

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