Project 104.VIE.40/ LK-anlaeg - Hoang long ceramic Co  
Last updated: 12/23/2017
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The start up project 104.VIE.40/ LK -anlaeg- Hoang Long ceramic was supported by the PSD program since Jan 2004 with DKK 500,000 as grand support for technique assistance and training in making big sized garden pots.

The project idea originates from LK Anlæg's work with numerous garden projects in Denmark. The company has noticed a clear tendency towards increased used of large pots by landscaping architects in their designs. These pots are usually of a classical European design (Barok).

Lately the use of large clay pots has expanded from public parks to private gardens and entrances of companies.

Nearly all large clay pots sold in Europe originate from Italy. LK Anlæg has identified a business opportunity in manufacturing large high quality pots in Vietnam utilising the cost advantage of locating a production in Asia. The project idea hence concerns the production of classically designed pots in co-operation with a local partner in Vietnam for sale in Europe.

  • Increase production efficiency & sales of Hoang Long
  • Develop at least 20 dummy models by august 2004
  • Deliver at least two containers of pots to Europe by February 2005
  • Confirm the market potential in Europe
  • Prepare expansion of production
  • Prepare sales material
  • Launch promotional internet site for the products of the partnership.

Below is some memorable pictures about the initial project activities in Denmark