Project 104.Vietnam.40-315/ T&J, Elpatek, Quoc An  
Last updated: 12/23/2017
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The objective of the pilot project is to commence the partnership by setting up a profitable business focusing on the production of high quality wedding rings and repairing of (Danish) rings in Vietnam and selling it to Denmark to a small niche with high potentials 

DKK 1000,000 was granted by Danida in May 2010 for implementing the feasibility study and pilot phase. SPI has assisted T&J Design & Quoc An Jewelery in implementing the feasibility study and pilot project  and we shall continue in helping them with establishment of JVC and implementation of the main project phase 

Below is some memorable pictures about the feasibility study activities for pilot project

  Partnership discussion
 Signing of Cooperation Agreement 
  Farewell party