Typical projects implemented by SPI
SPI provides professional consulting services to companies with interests to do business  in  Vietnam,  ranging  from  the  early  phase  of selecting partner & market  study  to  actual  business operations with proper considerations for the local culture and ethical standards. Below is...
Project 104.Vietnam.40-315/ T&J, Elpatek, Quoc An
The objective of the pilot project is to commence the partnership by setting up a profitable business focusing on the production of high quality wedding rings and repairing of (Danish) rings in Vietnam and selling it to Denmark to a small niche with high potentials
Project: 104.Vietnam.47-1.HAN by and between EB Global Holding & 3C Computer
The basic idea of project is to develop an online B2B service. The purpose of the B2B service is to facilitate trade between Vietnam suppliers and European buyers. The B2B service will take the shape of an e-commerce platform on which suppliers and buyers can meet and interact
Project 104 Vietnam.40-273/ Esoft - Vietnam Graphics
The project has been assisted by SPI during match-making & study visit period. It has now formed a JVC in Vietnam and becoming one of the typical success models funded by DANIDA
Project 104.Vie.40-269/Prodex - Bac Ninh Co
As a result of a series of discussions between the two companies in Dan mark and in Vietnam and a practical implementation by Bac Ninh Co for bamboo mat ordered by Prodex A/S on the beginning of December 2005, the two companies has decided to investigate a business co-operation through a start...