Identification of Partner  
Last updated: 12/26/2017
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Identification of partners

SPI assist clients in identification of potential partner candidates in Vietnam & in developed countries. It is important that SPI formulate specific requirements in terms of the partner desired. This may involve requirements relating to the company’ size, production equipment, knowledge of commondities and the market, access to raw materials used etc. Based on the collected information, SPI will start with the Partner Searches

Within the scope of this service we offer the following activities:

o   Identification of potential partners based on agreed selection criteria

o   Short listing of potential partners in cooperation with the company

o   Presentations on behalf of the company to potential partners

o   Assessment and screening of potential partners

o   Preparation of detailed profiles of interested partners

o   Assistance with on-going negotiations

o   Arrange for study visits

o   Assist partners with application for support by international organizations (if any)


Companies can avoid costly mistakes by having the market intelligence and knowledge at hand to assess and select reliable business partners.

SPI’ Typical clients

Name of Clients

Business Activities

Country of Origin

In Business A/S; Netpower A/S, Restaff., Ltd;  Digital Xpress A/S; Add-on Group A/S; Ai design A/S; Esoft A/S;  Globle Team A/S;  Celenia Aps, Destino; Delfi AS; Group care IT;  MFEC ….

Software development

Norway; Denmark; Thailand

Heimen Husflid; stormberg A/S; Polybuk; Rofi; Regetta A/S; Flora Danica; Belika Men’ knitwear; Thygesen Textile; Jacob berg…

Clothing; Tent; Bags and Textile; Textile design

Norway; Denmark

Julie Sandlau A/S ; T & J Design A/S; Spinning ;

Fashion Jewellery


Lk anlaeg AS ;  Ana Black Holding ApS; Kiki Design; Anna Beate Design

Ceramics; Toys

Sandersand bookbindery; Plus AS; EB globle holding; Cowi A/S; Consia Consultant;  Brunstad AS; Avit-systems A/S…

Bookbindery ;  B2C online community;  Environment consultant ; Media

Denmark; Norway

Compro AM system;  Gottlieb & Paludan A/S; Prodex AS;

Furniture; Architechture


Wallid Inc; Taiho Shoji;  Prandelli APS; Mediturra;

Water pipes; construction equipments ; Baikal Wine

Japan; Italy and Yugoslavia=

The below pictures illustrate our related matching activities and organizing trade missions

Contact phase - field trip visit
Partnership discussion between involved Partners
Feasibility study for a long term cooperation
Signing of Loi (letter of intend) for a long term Partnership
A Vietnamese business delegation in Mechanic and Shipbuilding to Norway in 2009
Partnership discussion between potential Partners
Workshop for related Vietnamese - Norwegian Companies
Polybuk visits Vietnamese potential Counterpart
Spining A/S' study visit to Vang Viet Jewellery JSC
HVPlast' study visit to Tan Hoa Mechanical Co Ltd
Slattand' study visit
Jeppersen' study visit to Seamap