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Last updated: 12/23/2017
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SPI cares about your actual needs, providing the right solutions and developing a strategy in order to successfully – and cost effectively – establish your company or your new products in Vietnam market.

Within the scope of this service we offer the following:
  • Start up Business consultancy
  • Establishment of New Business
  • Establishment of Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises (WFOEs)
  • Establishment of Joint Ventures (JVs)
  • Establishment of collective regulations, management & board of directors regulations
  • Rendering Advice on Legal Matters relating to Investment in Viet Nam
  • Contract Preparation and Negotiation
  • Employee Handbook Generation & Review
  • Employee Knowledge Surveys  & Evaluation

SPI’ s experts has a sound experience establishing new business under the forms of limited, Joint stock, WFOEs and JVs for its clients in Vietnam. An investment model, that requires careful preparation on many practical aspects (location selection, tax planning, import of machinery, contribution analysis, negotiation etc).

The service are also designed to provide effective business solutions to today's most pressing legal and management challenges. Because we blend the best in legal compliance with sound management thinking, we can provide consulting and legal services that focus not only on the needs of the moment, but the long term profitability of your company. Our ability to make a positive contribution applies to your business no matter what industry you're in, how many employees you have, or where you're doing business.

Some typical clients:

Name of client

Name of Project

SPI’ activities to the project

Anna Black Holding ApS

Phomex Bat trang

Khanh An Ceramic

-          Legal advice

-         Identification of Potential Partner

-         Establisment of the Joint Venture Company

-        Application for grant support to the start up and project phase

Ergofloor A/S

Phu Viet Rubber

Egofloor Phu Viet Rubber

-          Legal advice

-          Establisment of  the Joint Venture Company

-          Increase of Charter capital

-          Merge & Accquisition (M&A)

Add-On Group ApS

Vietsoftware International

Add-On Development

-          Legal advice and recruitment

-          Establisment of the Joint Venture Company

-          Increase of charter capital

-          Merge & Accquisition (M&A)

Digital Xpress International A/S

Tan Thien Nien Ky

Digital Xpress

-          Legal advice

-          Establisment of the Joint Venture Company

Netpower  A/S

Netpower Vietnam

-          Legal advice

-          Establisment of the Company in Vietnam

Inbusiness A/S

Inbusiness Vietnam

-          Legal advice

-          Establisment of the Company in Vietnam

Giang Martin Tran,

Ove Rydland,

Jan Ivar Ljosland

Viettaff., Ltd

-          Legal advice

-          Establisment of the Company in Vietnam