Market Scans  
Last updated: 12/26/2017
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Designed for companies without prior experience of the Vietnam market who wish to quickly assess the potential for their products or services without committing to the time and cost implications of a market visit. Based on a comprehensive understanding of your specific marketing objectives and your competitive advantages we can provide a snapshot of the market upon which to base your future marketing decisions.

Within the scope of this service we offer the following:
  • A review of market information sources
  • An overview of distribution channels
  • A list of major competitors
  • An overview of market trends
  • An overview of the legislative and regulatory environment
  • Identification of further market research needs
  • Recommendations for further action

A cost-effective assessment of the potential for your products or services in Vietnam

We have conducted many market scan reports for clients at different sectors in Vietnam such as Oil & Gas; Shrimp feed; Ceramics; Vietnam Training Need Assessment for SMES etc..