Identification of Partner
SPI assist clients in identification of potential partner candidates in Vietnam & in developed countries. It is important that SPI formulate specific requirements in terms of the partner desired.
Third auditor
We helps in every step of the process, finding the right partner or client and following up on production of  product/service to ensure that they meet the requirements in terms of time and quality as agreed We shall review any items of deviation, non-conformity, non-compliance, or deficiency found...
Feasibility Studies
As part of the preparations for the actual co-operation, a feasibility study will often be conducted. This can be of great significance for implementation of the cooperation. SPI can assist partner(s) to implement such preliminary studies
Legal service
SPI cares about your actual needs, providing the right solutions and developing a strategy in order to successfully – and cost effectively – establish your company or your new products in Vietnam market.
Market Scans
Designed for companies without prior experience of the Vietnam market who wish to quickly assess the potential for their products or services without committing to the time and cost implications of a market visit